What is difference between VPS and RDP?

The Internet is an invention that meets our day-to-day needs and solves our problems. The advancement of technology has created different ways to meet our needs. We can pick up one or a few of these ways to grow our business and bring satisfaction to our professional lives.

VPS and RDP are two different technologies for connecting to host servers. Both have similarities and differences that meet the needs of different users according to their business size and type.

In this article, we want to clarify the differences between VPS and RDB and describe each in more detail.

What is VPS?

VPS or private virtual server does not have a complicated definition. Servers are powerful supercomputers that are divided into smaller parts. each of these parts is called a private server. Servers are like large buildings, each consisting of many apartments.

Connect to VPS

You can access a part of a private server through VPS. VPS is a technology that provides access to a small part of a private server in virtual form. In fact, with VPS we can use a part of a powerful hardware system separately.

There are many VPS hosts on each server. Each of them has a completely independent and private part of the server. The storage space, RAM، CPU، bandwidth……., in a server are divided between VPSs and each VPS has a certain amount that can be upgraded. VPS works completely independently and has its operating system and software.

What is VPS used for?

Many users use VPS these days. Websites that have many users and need high bandwidth, powerful hardware, and a lot of storage space are the major users of VPS.  Many people use VPS to change their IP.  Gamers also use it as a game server. programmers use it to store and execute their codes. VPS has powerful hardware and many people use it for mining currencies.

VPS is known as a reliable connection. The traffic used by other users does not affect the quality of your connection. VPS has high security and nobody can access your files. you can install any program on it. VPS is upgradeable and you can update things like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, storage memory, and so on.

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What is RDP?

RDP, the abbreviated form of Remote Desktop Protocol, is a protocol developed and released by Microsoft. With Online RDP Users can connect to a computer remotely. The user’s computer operating system must be Windows for RDP hosting, and it is desktop-exclusive.

connect to a computer remotely

RDP simulates a computer’s Windows environment. It is a Windows server with powerful hardware and creating a graphical interface. You can connect to the target computer with this graphical interface without admin access.

RDP connects through the Internet network or a local network. RDP provides you with the same conditions as a direct connection. you can use all pre-installed programs. RDP connection is completely private.

What is remote desktop feature?

RDP is a common type of connection protocol that is very popular among Windows users. It is easy to use, Just install the remote desktop protocol program and enter the IP address of the computer you want to connect to. RDP does not use any other program to connect or store data.

One of the most important features of RDP is transmitting data through an encrypted connection, which is highly secure. The connection speed is high and it has a low price. RDP also allows multiple users to connect to the same server.

Difference between RDP and VPS

In general, RDP provides the ability to view the desktop screen and access Windows servers through a network connection. That means you can connect and access your computer remotely. But VPS is a virtual system that connects you to your host server and gives you access to make changes. RDP is only for Windows servers, but VPS can run its operating system, Therefore, it can be run on Linux and Windows.

RDP has better hardware than VPS and more useful software, and because of that, RDP has a higher cost than VPS. As we said, using RDP is easy, but VPS configuration is a hard task, and many users have trouble doing that. Despite the strong hardware, RDP doesn’t need to be maintained and updated. after purchase, you can fully access it, and The provider company is responsible for updates and maintenance. But in VPS you can access and adjust different parts. You can install different programs on it and update different parts according to your needs. Users can make any changes in VPS settings.


To wrap up, a VPS provides much more security than the shared environment of RDP. VPS Hosting is the symphony of control, scalability (growth, migration, and future-proofing), and customization, especially for data-intensive businesses. Because VPS is a private server, but RDP is a server shared with many users.

RDP Hosting and VPS Hosting are two of the most fruitful and potent web hosting solutions that have raised much debate among techies. Our expert team at VPSmakers can help you choose the right web hosting solution for your personal use or your small, mid-sized, or big enterprise.

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