Fast SSD & NVME Storage in VPSMakers hosting!

To grow as fast as possible, we have equipped our servers with a new generation of SSD and NVME storage to provide the best for you.



VPSMakers is a provider of modern Internet services and a provider of VPS hosting for Linux, Windows, etc., which is tailored to your needs.

VPS Maers - VPS Server

VPS Server (Virtual Private Server)

VPS(Virtual Private Server) is a small part of a physical dedicated server that is dedicated to smaller VMs with dedicated resources(RAM, CPU, Storage) that are created using different platforms such as VMware that can run different OSes. It has Windows and Linux.

VPS is suitable for small and medium businesses because you will pay less for the purchase and maintenance and resources you need than dedicated servers, and by expanding your business, you can easily upgrade your VPS.

Remote Desktop Connection

RDP Server (Remote Desktop Connection)

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is software that Microsoft has installed by default on all Windows operating systems to provide a basis for connecting to computers and servers running Windows OS with the graphical user interface. Here we offer a Windows RDP server with pre-installed general software.
One of the most important functions of an RDP server is to launch software and programs and manage them online, as well as to protect your personal data while surfing the insecure space of the Internet.

Select your platforms

A virtual server (VPS) is one of the best hosting options for medium businesses and can be used for various applications. Buying VPS from VPSMakers have many benefits for your dear ones, including the highest level of speed and uptime and allocation of personal hardware resources. This service is available in Germany and France and many countries with a fresh dedicated IP.

Windows VPS
Start From $14.99 / For Month
  • Administrator Access
  • Fresh Dedicated IP
  • SSD/NVME Storage
  • DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Full Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Remote and VNC Access
  • +15 Available Locations
  • Popular Windows OS
Start From $17.99 / For Month
  • RDP Admin Access
  • Fresh Dedicated IP
  • SSD/NVME Storage
  • DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Full Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Remote and VNC Access
  • +15 Available Locations
  • Optimized Windows OS
Linux VPS
Start From $11.99 / For Month
  • Root Access
  • Fresh Dedicated IP
  • SSD/NVME Storage
  • DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Full Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSH Access
  • +15 Available Locations
  • Popular Linux OS
Mikrotik VPS
Start From $10.99 / For Month
  • Admin Access
  • Fresh Dedicated IP
  • SSD/NVME Storage
  • DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Full Support
  • 2TB/month Bandwidth
  • Winbox and SSh Access
  • +15 Available Locations
  • Mikrotik Licence 6

An important feature of VPS / RDP servers

Fly at the peak with VPSMakers, we are by your side with the latest hardware in the world with 24/7 support and high response speed

Root Access


All VPSs with different operating systems provide root access and you can install and manage all the software you need on the servers.

24×7 Support


Support for 24×7 VPSMakers is available through the live chat, and ticketing system. Your requests and questions will be reviewed and answered in the shortest time.

Multiple Locations


Our servers are available in more than +10 locations in the world, which you can get according to your needs and business in the shortest time.

Fast Delivery


Goes to the installation stage automatically after confirming the payment and it takes about 10-20 minutes with the initial configuration and sending the login details.

 Popular OS


We offer all popular operating systems Microsoft (Windows Server 2012,2016.2019), Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) and Mikrotik (Mikrotik-6, Mikrotik-7)

Unlimited Bandwidth


Unlimited traffic for download and upload between server and client at a speed of 1Gbps is variable compared to the selected RAM


Forex VPS

Easy and convenient trading

Forex Virtual Server and Buy Forex Server is suitable for people who need a high-speed server without interruption and difficulty to operate and trade in the Forex market, so VPSMakers virtual server services in both server hosting modes in many countries with the best speed and security Most servers are provided.VPS for trading in Forex, has the best data centers in Europe such as France and Germany, etc. at a very cheap and affordable price with 24-hour support.

Forex VPSMakers Virtual Server provides traders with a platform for their activity that with 99% uptime, you can enjoy the highest performance at any time of the day or night.
You can now order your service through the following.

Why VPS Maker is your choice?

We are always striving to provide you with the latest features with the best performance to keep you one step ahead of your competitors

Full Admin Access

Full admin access

VPSMakers gives you admin access so you can have complete control over your server and can install all the software you need on it.

Customer Support


The experienced support team is ready to answer your questions around the clock through live chat and a ticket system in a short period.

Fast Deploying


After payment and confirmation from the bank, your server enters the deployment stage, which takes about 10-25 minutes.

VM Platform

Virtualization platform

VPSMakers uses VMware virtualization technology so that users can use the resources they need easily and in the best way.


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