Expert Tips for Changing Your MikroTik VPS Password Safely

The Mikrotik server is a Linux-supported machine with the Mikrotik operating system installed on it, specifically customized for use by network administrators. One of the problems with MikroTik is that MikroTik uses the admin name, so hackers can easily brute-force passwords. As a result, you should change your username and password in the Mikrotik VPS server to increase security and safely use all its benefits.
Normally, we make changes to protect the hands of hackers.

There are two ways to change passwords in Mikrotik VPS. Join us in this tutorial to get to know the different ways of changing passwords in Mikrotik.

The Importance of Changing Your MikroTik VPS Password and How to Do It

You can change your password with the two methods described below:

    1. Changing Mikrotik VPS password with Winbox
    2. Changing Mikrotik VPS password The Console

1- How to Change Mikrotik VPS Password with Winbox?

Step 1- Open Winbox

First of all, open your Winbox and connect to your router.

Step 2- Open System Tab

Then go to the system and users section from the left menu.

select users section in winbox

Step 3 – User’s

In this section, you will see a user named admin. The rest of the users created by default on your server are additional.

Step 4 – User list

Then double-click the admin’s name to open its settings.

Select user for change passsword

Step 5 – Change Password or Username

Now you can change your username and password from this section.

Note: Pay attention to the fact that it is better to choose a password that is complex so that its security is high.

2- How to Change Mikrotik VPS Password with the Console?

Now, we are going to learn how to change the Mikrotik VPS password with the Console:

Step 1 – Connect Mikrotik VPS

First, Connect to your MikroTik terminal to get started.

Step 2 – Set Username

To display all Mikrotik server users, enter the following command (If you have only one admin, the output will be the same):

/ user print

Then, run the following command to change login credentials:

/ user set 0 name = (Name of your choice)

Step 3 – Set the Password

After changing the username, execute the following command to change the password:

/ user set 0 password = (your pass)

You can also change the password with the following simple command:

/ password

Change Mikrotik VPS Password with the Console

Can I recover the forgotten password in Winbox?

Winbox does not provide a forgotten password. Therefore, it is recommended to create a backup file. Follow the steps below to create a backup file.

Use MRT (Moral Reconciliation Therapy) to visit the MikroTik password recovery tool website.
Select File, and select your Mikrotik Backup File.
After clicking the Submit button, the Mikrotik username and password will be able to be read from the backup file.


Another way to increase the security of the Mikrotik server is to change the port number, which you can read in the “How to change Mikrotik VPS port number” article. As mentioned, to increase the security of the Mikrotik server, it is better to change your username and password. In this way, you learned the necessary explanation about password change and now you know how to change MikroTik passwords through Console and Winbox.

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