How To Install XRDP on Ubuntu 22.04?

XRDP is a powerful tool that allows you to remotely control a Linux graphical operating system. XRDP is an open source software that uses the rdp protocol to connect.
This article will show you how to connect to Ubuntu 22.04 via the XRDP protocol and also explain its pros and cons

What is XRDP?

XRDP is a free and open source tool designed for remote system access using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This software can provide online remote access to Linux and other operating systems except Windows and makes it easy to manage systems remotely. This protocol allows users to connect to other systems over the network and manage the entire system as a real user. It can be accessed through mobile phones, computers, tablets and other devices.


Among the advantages that can be mentioned:
1. The best protocol is free remote desktop software for non-Windows operating systems such as Linux.
2. Because it is an open source version of RDP, it does not need to run special software to use it.
3. It makes connecting to the Linux server easier.
4. Users can easily communicate between Windows and Linux systems.
5. It does not need a lot of bandwidth for effective operation.


RDP is a Microsoft protocol that is insecure when it comes to security for sensitive data. If you use this RDP protocol, use the SSH protocol to secure the information necessary to connect to the Internet when needed. Since XRDP is developed based on the RDP protocol, this tool is not secure. After enabling SSH, it provides acceptable security.

Note: SSH uses an encrypted connection to transmit network data. Internet services can therefore be accessed through firewalls using VPNs, private networks, or older security software that encrypts traffic.

Features of XRDP:

    1. Supports audio redirection and moving clipboard to change files, text, or bitmaps. You can also use drive redirection to mount local drives remotely on your computer.
    2. This is an open-source tool and doesn’t require any special tools. Using the app can be difficult. But installation and configuration are very easy and convenient. This software is a great and affordable way to remotely control and manage your computer or device.
    3. Because the software is free and free. Therefore, it can help IT companies to save budget. The only cost is the time it takes to install the software.
    4. Beginners and new Linux OS users can easily install and run the XRDP tool in minutes and communicate faster and without interruption.
    5. Compress and decompress data and information and provide bandwidth to increase and decrease network performance.

How To Install XRDP on Ubuntu?

How to install XRDP on Ubuntu 22.04?

To install XRDP on Ubuntu follow the steps

Step 1 – Update the package index

Open a terminal or SSH into your Ubuntu machine and update the package index using the following command:

sudo apt update

Step 2 – Install XRDP

With the package index up to date, it’s time to install XRDP. Enter the following command to initiate the installation:

sudo apt install xrdp

Step 3 – Enable XRDP service

Once XRDP is installed, the service should start automatically. However, it’s good practice to verify and enable it to ensure it runs on boot:

sudo systemctl status xrdp # Check XRDP service status
sudo systemctl enable xrdp # Enable XRDP service to start on boot

Step 4 – Open the RDP port (if needed)

By default, XRDP listens on port 3389, but some firewall configurations might block it. Ensure the port is open in your firewall settings to allow incoming RDP connections:

sudo ufw allow 3389 # Allow incoming RDP connections

Step 5 – Install a desktop environment (if not already installed)

For XRDP to work, your Ubuntu machine should have a desktop environment installed. If it’s a server edition without a desktop, consider installing a lightweight desktop environment like XFCE:

sudo apt install xfce4

Step 6 – Configure the session to use XFCE (or your chosen desktop environment)

Next, you need to configure XRDP to use the desktop environment you installed in the previous step. Create a new file called sesman.ini within the /etc/xrdp directory:

sudo nano /etc/xrdp/sesman.ini

Add the following lines to the file:


Save and exit the file (press Ctrl+X, Y, and Enter if you’re using Nano).

Step 7 – Restart the XRDP service

After making the changes, restart the XRDP service to apply the new configuration:

sudo systemctl restart xrdp

Step 8 – Connect via Remote Desktop Client

Now that XRDP is set up and running with your chosen desktop environment, you can use an RDP client to connect to your Ubuntu machine. Use Remote Desktop Connection on Windows or Remmina on Linux to establish a remote desktop session. Enter your Ubuntu username and password when prompted, and upon successful authentication, you’ll have full access to your XFCE desktop environment through XRDP.

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and configure XRDP and how to communicate with Remote Desktop Connections. With a little technique, you can enable XRDP in no time. With XRDP, you get convenient remote alternatives to PPP, SSH, and more. This training will help you to control and manage your desired systems remotely. smooth easy In this article we recommend XRDP. You can learn more about VNC in other tutorials. VNC is another tool that can be used to connect to remote devices.

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