What is Remmina?

In today’s interconnected world, remote access to computers and servers is becoming increasingly important. Whether you’re a system administrator, a remote worker, or someone who needs to access your home computer while on the go, having a reliable remote desktop client is essential. In this blog post, we will explore Remmina, a feature-rich and user-friendly remote desktop client for Linux. We’ll also walk you through the installation process to get you up and running in no time. if you don’t have any VPS you can Read this Article VPS Hosting Made Easy: Selecting the Best Operating System

The Ultimate Remote Desktop Solution for Linux Users What is Remmina?

Remmina is a free and open-source remote desktop client software designed specifically for Linux-based operating systems. It offers support for a wide range of protocols, including RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), VNC (Virtual Network Computing), SSH (Secure Shell), NX, SPICE, and more. This versatility makes Remmina a powerful tool for accessing remote desktops and servers regardless of the protocol they use.you can also, Read How To Change Default Port (3389) In RDP Server?

How To Install Remmina?

Installing Remmina on your Linux-based system is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1 – Open terminal

Open a terminal on your Linux distribution.

Open terminal

Step 2 – Update Package

Update the package lists by running the following command:

sudo apt update

Update Package

Step 3 – Install Remmina

Install Remmina by entering the following command:

sudo apt install remmina

Install Remmina

You will be prompted to confirm the installation by pressing “Y”. Once the installation is complete, Remmina will be ready to use.

confirm the installation by pressing "Y"

Step 4 – launch Remmina

Launch Remmina by either searching for it in the applications menu or running the command “remmina” in the terminal.

Remmina Features:

Remmina is a powerful and versatile remote desktop client that caters to the needs of Linux users who require seamless access to remote desktops and servers. With its support for multiple protocols, user-friendly interface, and advanced customization options, Remmina stands out as a reliable tool in the Linux ecosystem. By following the simple installation steps outlined in this blog post, you can quickly install Remmina on your Linux system and start enjoying its rich features for remote desktop connectivity.

Multiple Protocol Support:

Remmina supports a variety of remote desktop protocols, allowing you to connect to different types of systems. Whether you need to access a Windows machine using RDP or connect to a Linux server using SSH, Remmina has you covered.

Multiple Protocol Support:

Easy-to-Use Interface:

Remmina provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of managing and connecting to remote desktops. The main window organizes your connections in a neatly arranged interface, making it easy to navigate and switch between sessions.

Advanced Connection Settings:

With Remmina, you have granular control over your remote desktop connections. You can customize settings such as screen resolution, color depth, keyboard mappings, audio redirection, and more to optimize your remote desktop experience.

File Transfer Capabilities:

Remmina allows you to transfer files between your local machine and the remote desktop seamlessly. This feature eliminates the need for additional file transfer tools and simplifies the workflow, making it convenient to share files across remote systems.

Features and Functionalities:

In addition to its connectivity options, Remmina offers a variety of advanced settings and customization options. Users can adjust display settings, audio redirection, keyboard mappings, and clipboard synchronization, tailoring the remote desktop experience according to their preferences. The application also supports file transfers between the local and remote machines, making it convenient to share files during remote sessions.

Protocol Support:

Remmina supports a wide range of protocols, making it versatile for different remote access scenarios. Whether you need to connect to a Windows machine using RDP, access a Linux server via SSH, or interact with a VNC-enabled system, Remmina has got you covered.

Protocol Support

User-Friendly Interface:

The graphical interface of Remmina is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to both novice and experienced users. The clean design and straightforward navigation enable users to set up and manage remote connections with ease.


Remmina offers a high level of customization options, allowing users to configure settings according to their preferences. From screen resolutions and keyboard layouts to audio redirection and clipboard sharing, Remmina lets you tailor the remote desktop experience to suit your needs.

Advanced Features:

In addition to basic remote desktop functionality, Remmina provides advanced features that enhance productivity. These include file transfers between local and remote systems, SSH tunneling for secure connections, multi-factor authentication, and dynamic resolution changes to adapt to different screen sizes.

Benefits of Using Remmina:

Using Remmina as a remote desktop client offers several notable benefits. First and foremost, it provides convenience and flexibility by allowing users to access their remote computers or virtual desktops from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly useful for professionals who need to work remotely or access their office systems while traveling. Additionally, Remmina supports various operating systems and protocols, making it compatible with a wide range of remote machines, ensuring seamless connectivity across different environments.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

While Remmina is primarily designed for Linux, it can also be compiled and used on other operating systems, such as Windows and macOS, extending its reach to a broader user base.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Open-Source Nature:

Being an open-source project, Remmina benefits from the contributions and feedback of a vibrant community. This ensures continuous development, bug fixes, and the addition of new features over time.


Remmina prioritizes security by supporting encrypted protocols like SSH and ensuring secure connections to remote machines. This makes it a reliable choice for accessing sensitive systems or working remotely without compromising data integrity.

Note: Remmina is a constantly evolving project, and it is always recommended to refer to the official documentation and community resources for the latest information and updates. also, you can read How to Connect to Linux Server From Windows Using SSH/Putty?


In the Linux ecosystem, Remmina has established itself as a reliable and versatile remote desktop client. With its extensive protocol support, user-friendly interface, and customizable features, it empowers users to effortlessly connect and control remote machines. Whether you’re a system administrator, a remote worker, or someone who frequently needs to access remote systems, Remmina can streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Give it a try and experience the power of remote desktop access on Linux like never before!

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