How to Connect to Linux Server From Windows Using SSH/Putty?

Connecting to a Linux server through a Windows computer using SSH (port 22) can be a useful and secure way to manage your server remotely. This process involves establishing a secure connection between your local Windows machine and a remote Linux server, which we will teach you through Putty and Microsoft’s CMD software.
It should be noted that port 22 in the Windows client should not be blocked by the firewall because it prevents the connection to the Linux server.

How to Connect to Linux Server From Windows client?

In this tutorial, we will learn you 2 ways to connect to a Linux server through a Windows client.

  1. Connect by Putty software
  2. Connect by Windows Command line (CMD)

Let’s go to implement the first method together.

How to connect to Linux server with putty SSH?

Unlike the RDP software that is installed by default on Windows, we have to download the Putty software from its official website.

Step 1 – We have to Download and install the Putty software on our system or you can install it through the below link directory:

Download PuTTY

MSI (‘Windows Installer’)

64-bit x86: putty-64bit-0.79-installer.msi

32-bit x86:  putty-0.79-installer.msi

Step 2- Now we need to install the Putty software, and open the downloaded file.

Step 3- To start the installation, you must select the Next option.

PuTTY Setup1

Step 4- Select the installation location of the file and press the Next option.

PuTTY Setup 3

Step 5- Now you need to install the PuTTY files with the Install button.

PuTTY Setup 2

Step 6- After the installation is finished, you must select finish, but before that, uncheck the View README file.

PuTTY Setup 4

Congratulations, the Putty installation was completed successfully, let’s go connect to our Linux server via SSH.

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Step 7- Now you can choose your server IP along with the port and connection method and connect to your server.

Login PuTTY

Step 8- Now enter your username and password that you got from your virtual server provider.

login PuTTY 2

Note: Due to the greater security of the server when entering the password, it is not possible to view the passwBreakfast10#ord on the screen

How to connect to Linux server windows using command prompt (CMD)?

If you don’t want to install Putty software, you can connect to your Linux server via SSH from the CMD section of Windows and manage your server.

Let’s check how to connect to the Windows server through the command line. You can also connect to your Linux server through PowerShell with the following commands.

Step 1- Open Windows CMD or PowerShell.

Step 2- In the opened terminal, enter the following command instead of [username], enter the username, and instead of [ip-address], enter the IP address of your server and press enter.

ssh [username]@[ip-address]

Step 3- Now you can enter your server password and connect to your server through SSH client with port 22.

Note: If you have changed the default port of your Linux server, you must use the following command:

ssh [username]@[ip-address] -p [port-number]


Using SSH and port 22, you can have a secure remote connection from Windows to Linux and Linux to Linux and manage your Linux virtual server anywhere.

If you want to increase the security of your Linux server, you can learn How to change and create an SSH key on Linux.

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