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Nowadays, the five most important factors for day traders are automation, 1millisecond latency, 100% uptime of Trading platform, security, and ubiquity with the rise of the Internet. Even a one-second delay or interruption in the trading process can cost traders profitable trading opportunities. Because forex prices update every second.

Therefore, every second in the forex, cryptocurrencies, options, stocks, and futures markets on TradeStation can bring you new opportunities but also take them away.

Today, we’re going to introduce the best Forex VPS plans for trading platforms like TradeStation.

What is TradeStation?

The birth of TradeStation roots back to more than 30 years ago. When the company started designing institutional trading software. TradeStation is incredibly customizable trading platform. Traders can customize it with hundreds of apps or even code their own Expert Advisors (forex robots) and install them on the platform. This means platform is the best choice for sophisticated and experienced traders, but this doesn’t mean that beginner traders cannot use TradeStation.

trade station

TradeStation offers wide range of markets for investors and day traders. The offerings available at the TradeStation platform are stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, futures, forex, international markets, penny stocks, and cryptocurrency. TradeStation doesn’t offer advisory services, fractional shares, and cash management services.

TradeStation is an American brokerage. This stockbroker is one of the members of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Also, TradeStation is a regulated broker by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). TradeStation Group is a subsidiary of one of Japan’s largest online financial services providers named Monex Group, Inc.

TradeStation desktop platform is known as one of the best trading platforms for day traders by Forbes website.

TradeStation for billion-dollar investors and market makers

The core users of the Trade Station are big institutional investors. These billion-dollar investors, such as investment banks and hedge funds, potentially trade millions of shares every day.

Also, TradeStation receives a fee for order flow analysis. It means that certain market makers pay TradeStation a payment for routing trades. This gives market makers a chance to trade ahead of investors. TradeStation says it charges all the market makers the same fee and its routing decisions are not based on the size of the rebates (cash-backs or spread discounts).

However, the overall commission or fee of the trades completed at the TradeStation brokerage will depend on the type of trading assets, total trading volume, and the type of TradeStation platform you choose.

TradeStation Commissions and Fees

The commission is zero for the orders of 10,000 shares or less on the trading of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). If the limit exceeds to more than 10,000 shares, then TradeStation will charge $0.005 per share of each security.

fees & commissions

Depending on the type of TradeStation platform you choose, if you sign up for the TS Select platform, your trades on the web and desktop program will be commission-free. TS Select platform requires a minimum of $2,000 deposit. And if you sign up for the TS GO platform, you can only have commission-free trades through the app. TS GO platform has no minimum deposit requirement. TradeStation charges $10 per trade on the desktop application for TS Go platform users.

TradeStation costs $14.95 per mutual fund trade and per transaction. Also, it costs $5 per bond trade. However, for the cryptocurrency, TradeStation looks at your account balance instead of the size of your trade. TradeStation costs 0.05% to 0.30% of your account balance.

Margin interest rates fluctuate according to how much you borrow. They’re very high for small trades. TradeStation charges 9.50% for less than $50,000, 8.75% for $50,000 to $499,999, and 5.50% for $500,000 to $2 million. If your borrowing amount exceeds $2 million, the rate will be 3.5%, which costs less than other rates.

Also, TradeStation charges an annual inactivity fee of $50, unless you make a minimum of five trades in a year or your account balance is at the minimum of $2,000. It charges $125 for an outgoing account transfer, $25 for outgoing domestic wires, $75 for a forced margin payout, and $1 for paper statements.


Why use a VPS for Expert Advisors on TradeStation?


You’re better off using VPS with your EAs on trading platforms such as TradeStation.

A VPS gives forex traders around-the-clock access to trading platforms. And EAs (forex robots) automate your trading flow. It means you don’t need to stay day and night online on your Laptop, PC, and iPad just to open an order or complete the buy-sell of a position. So, there is no need to monitor the trading process 24/7 with the help of EAs and VPS.

use a VPS for Expert-Advisors on TradeStation

The second reason for using VPS along with EAs installed on TradeStation is that it allows traders to access their entire data configuration from any device whenever.

In an upcoming post, we will write about how you can code a specialized forex robot (EA), how you can integrate it with your trading platforms, and how you can utilize it by using a VPS.


Why VPSMakers VPS plans are the best plans for TradeStation?


By buying one of Forex VPS plans of VPSMakers you can set up your orders and positions with 100% self-confidence and peace of mind. Forex VPS Hosting is particularly useful for traders who use Expert Advisors (Automated Trading Strategies).

Our Forex VPS plans allow users to install any expert advisor (forex robot) to ensure automated trading.
Our Forex VPS plans offer users the backup, lowest latency, 100% uptime, fast-moving, and secure servers to ensure continuous trading. It means your trade won’t get interrupted by any connection issues.

Storage and backup, around-the-clock uptime, security, 24/7 support team, 24/7 (automation and removing constant 24/7 monitoring), increasing profits, 1millisecond latency, speed, and ubiquity with the help of internet connection are some of the advantages you will get by buying a Forex VPS plan from VPSMakers.

In the previous post(How does Forex VPS work?), we talked about what is a Forex VPS, how it works, and how it aids you in forex trading. In the upcoming posts, we’ll talk about each of these advantages in a separate and more detailed article.


How does VPS server take backups of your data?


The overall trading configuration, such as operating systems and trading software, will constantly meet backups through forex VPS servers. A Forex VPS acts like a safety network to protect you against issues that might arise if an unexpected interruption occurs during a connection stream. No matter what issues you might have with your PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or any device, a VPS will shield you against any unplanned delay, interruption, or power outage.

So, having a VPS can make you feel tranquility and self-confidence during a trading week.


What is the best VPS for TradeStation?


We at provide you unlimited access to our trading platform and guarantee 24/7 operation even in the offline mode.

Thinking about setting up a VPS for your forex trading? So, don’t miss out on a good opportunity. Go on and choose the right Forex VPS plan for your business or your personal use from our VPS Hosting page.
Don’t hesitate to share your questions with our support team. Our team at can help customers find the answers to their questions and solve their issues. So, be open to sharing your questions with our team at vpsmakers.



  • A VPS for your TradeStation acts like a shield for your trades. And it protects your trades against unexpected disturbances.
  • A VPS for your TradeStation acts like a great breadwinner or provider. It allows you to organize your trading process without relying on the limited physical resources available to you at your home or office.
  • A VPS for your TradeStation acts like an omnipresent virtual entity. It means you can trade from anywhere at any time, having an internet connection.

We at VPSMakers offer customers the best VPS for TradeStation. Our team can help you choose and order the best VPS hosting plan among the different VPS hosting plans for trading platforms like TradeStation.

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